Tamper Resistant Prescription Rolls and Prescription Pads FAQs

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What are the current tamper resistant prescription paper laws?

On May 25th, 2007, legislation H.R. 2206 was signed, requiring that states not pay pharmacies for prescriptions submitted after October 1, 2007 that do not have at least one of three characteristics designed to prevent fraud and abuse through the reproduction and/or modification of prescriptions. The required characteristics, as determined by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, include:

  • One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent unauthorized copying of a completed or blank prescription form;
  • One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent the erasure or modification of information written on the prescription by the provider; and
  • One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent the use of counterfeit prescription forms.

Further, by October 1, 2008, all three anti-counterfeiting characteristics must be embedded in all Medicaid papers.

What is Security Prescription Paper?

Security Paper is used to help prevent the unauthorized duplication of a printed document. This is accomplished by placing a number of security features into the base paper stock onto which a document is printed.

Can you describe some of these security features available to prevent accurate document duplication?

To secure a document, it is very important to use multiple security features. A document that contains only one security feature, a VOID background for example, may be easily duplicated on some photo copiers without the word VOID showing up on the copy.

However, by adding a ghost watermark to the back of the sheet, color change ink, and micro printing on the front of your document; you can create a document that is virtually impossible to duplicate using a photo copier or scanner.

There are two types of Security Features. The first are called overt. These features are used to identify an original document by sight and/or touch. The second type of feature is a covert feature. These features become apparent when a document is photocopied or scanned. Additional action is required to activate this feature.

Is Paper Rx Solutions prescription paper "tamper resistant," and does it meet the Medicaid Prescription Paper Requirements?

Yes. All Paper Rx Solutions prescription paper products contain features that meet and exceed all Medicaid requirements for Secure Tamper Resistant Prescriptions.

I made a copy on my photocopier and the hidden message did not appear.

Most document security papers incorporate "Hidden Message Technology." There are a number of patented methods used to accomplish this task. However, due to changing copier technology, you may find that your document can be duplicated on some photo copiers without the words "VOID" "COPY" or other hidden messages showing up on the copy. For this reason, we advise purchasing document security paper that incorporates more than one security feature.

Can you explain how the Erasure Protection Feature works? I tried to erase the background with my eraser and did not remove any of the background color.

When a doctor writes a prescription, it is written using an ink or ball point pen, not a pencil. When trying to remove information written on a prescription using an ink eraser, a small amount of the background color is removed with the ink. Thus it becomes obvious that a change was made to the script.

Secure Rub "Color Change Ink" is on the list Security Feature List. However, I do not see this feature on either the front or back of the script.

"Color Change Ink" may be difficult to see, especially during hot weather. To verify this feature, place the script in the refrigerator for 30 seconds to cause the color to return to its original state.

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