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Did you know that while there are federal laws for valid prescription paper, there are also different regulations by state? Some states require extra security features to ensure that the prescription paper used is truly valid in that state. Here is a list of differences between varying states. 


In addition to the requirements set by the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS), Indiana also requires the following:

- A watermark reading "Indiana Security Prescription" must be printed on the back of the paper; these words must appear at a 45 degree angle, horizontally in a step-and-repeated pattern in 5 lines, using 12-point Helvetica bold type style

- Only one prescription may be written per blank. The following statement must be printed on the bottom of the pad: "Prescription is void if more than one (1) prescription is written per blank"

- Two signature lines printed at the bottom of the form: under the blank line on the left side must be printed the words, "Dispense as Written," under the blank line on the right side must be printed the words, "May Substitute" 


Kentucky has many requirements in order to have valid prescription paper. In addition to the requirements set by the CMS, Kentucky also requires: 

- A latent, repetitive "void" pattern screed at 5 percent in pantone green. This will appear if the prescription is photocopied

- A watermark shall be printed on the backside of the prescription blank so that it shall only be seen at a 45 degree angle. The watermark shall say, "Kentucky Security Prescription," and appear horizontally in a step-and-repeated format in 5 lines on the back of the prescription using 12-point, Helvetica bold type style


Texas requires that prescription paper not only contain the prescriber's DEA license number, but also the prescriber's DPS number as registered with the State of Texas. 


In the state of Washington, prescription pads must contain the commission's seal of approval in order to be used. If the prescription paper does not contain this feature, it will be considered invalid.  

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Written by PRS Team — May 19, 2016


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