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Businesses rely on printing. Whether as their main focus or as an afterthought, printing helps businesses grow. As businesses adapt to an every-changing climate, they should be aware of the benefits thermal printing provides. Here are 5 ways thermal printing can help your business on a daily basis.

1) Increased Print Speed: Thermal printers are able to print at much faster rates than other printers. Thermal printing leads to faster lines per second (lps) and images which dry extremely quickly. This means faster printing for shipping, packaging and even receipts for customers.

2) Reduced Printing Costs: Thermal printing does not require ink because they use heat to react with the paper to create the images needed. This leads to reduced costs since there is no need to purchase ink cartridges, ribbon and the like. The only thing needed for thermal printing, besides the printer, is paper. 

3) Reduced Maintenance Costs: Thermal printers contain less moving parts than normal ink printers do, making thermal printing more durable and reliable. There are fewer things that can go wrong, leading to less down time and more productivity. Maintenance costs are also significantly lower since complicated repairs are unnecessary and service is not require as frequently. 

4) Improved Print Quality: You want to provide your customers with the best possible product, and thermal printing can help you do just that. Thermal printers produce higher quality and more durable images than standard printers. Furthermore, thermally printed images can better withstand factors such as oils, climate, UV rays and so on. They also do not smudge because there is no ink to wait to dry. 

5) Increased Print Functionality: Thermal printing leads to a more continuous flow in the office because jams and breakdowns are less frequent. And, because there are no ribbons or ink cartridges, employees never have to worry about replacing them! 

Thermal printing is leading the way for new printing technology. Your business not only saves money, but also reduces stress and delays from printing issues. Paper Rx Solutions can provide for your thermal printing needs. Learn more about our products and services at 

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Written by PRS Team — May 19, 2016


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